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Mafia Island - Best Game Fishing Destination
The fishing grounds include Mafia Island, Songo Songo islands, the deep sea crescent east of Mafia, Nyuni and Njovi Islands, and in the channels from the Rufiji Delta south to Lindi. These are thought to be the best game fishing grounds in East Africa, with catches of Sailfish, blue, black and striped marlin, barracuda, wahoo, kingfish, giant trevalley, yellowfin and dog-tooth tuna, dorado, five-fingered jack and rainbow runner, red snapper, rock cod.
Light and heavy tackle and fly fishing are offered. The deep sea crescent off Mafia and the Songo Songo Archipelago is potentially one of the most exciting game fishing areas in the world, with expanses of virtually unfished waters that offer a keen challenge to sport fishermen.
In 1950 the author Conan Doyle set an all-Africa record for dorado of 34.2 kg that still stands. We believe that Mafia offers many more records but the facilities have not existed before to facilitate the serious fisherman. The main fishing season is from August to March, but fishing for reef species is good all year round along the reefs and channels. July to November is the main tuna season with large yellowfin, dog-toothed tuna and bonito; we also expect kingfish, wahoo, trevalley, cobia, rainbow runner and sharks.
From December to March the billfish run, and this is when Mafia is best for sailfish.

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