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Dive Bazaruto Archipelago - Overview

Thefive islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago, which lie just 30km off the coast of tropical Mozambique's, Inhambane Province fall into the Eastern African Marine Ecoregion, which stretches over a 4 600km coastline, from South Africa to Somalia. Part of the world's largest fringing reef system, there is over 2 000 fish species, 100 hard and 27 soft coral species, over 4 whale and 5 dolphin species. Bazaruto Archipelago is also home to the largest remaining population of the highly endangered Dugong in East Africa, raising the islands profile to a highly significant global marine conservation priority.

Along with several other islands is the archipelago, Bazaruto is probably one of most unique 'desert' islands in the world. Not only is she surrounded by magnificent stretches of beach and the warm Indian Ocean -a tropical paradise, but her interior is equally fascinating with freshwater lakes that contain crocodile, leftovers from when the island was more connected to mainland Africa. There are plenty of walks and hiking trails that lead through a wide variety of scenery, huge sand dunes, inland lakes, forest and marshy grassland.

The island group is also home to all five marine turtle species of the western Indian Ocean. They are highly endangered and in urgent need of conservation. The turtles annually come to the beaches to breed and their nests are extremely vulnerable to predators.

Towering dunes clad in indigenous forest overlook kilometres of sun drenched, deserted pure white beaches, crystal clear seas and virtually untouched coral reefs that promise some of the best diving of your life. Scattered around the protected bay are reefs, gullies and caves between 10m and 40m depth, making it possible for all certification levels to dive here. 

Average visibility is 15-30m and water temperatures vary from 22 to 26 degrees C.

Whale sharks and dolphins are sighted. Game fish abound, potato bass, scorpion fish, turtles, rays, big grouper, humpback whales and of course tropical fish in their millions.

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