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"The reefs around Nosy Tanikely Island Marine Reserve offer astounding snorkeling and diving opportunities. The marine life is so rich that the dive masters don't even go out of their way to find seahorses, which are ignored for rarer porcelain crabs, ghost pipefish, and eels."

Only a few hundred metres across, the only inhabitants of this island are the famous giant fruit-bats bats or flying foxes, so one can easily imagine why such an island with its spectacular, uninhabited white beaches is a real paradise destination for biologists and underwater photographers.

Little has been explored beyond skin diving depths where thousands of reef fish, sea turtles, schooling jacks, harlequin shrimp and blue ribbon eels are found along with leaf fish of all colours and numerous species of morays can be seen within a few yards of each other. Sea fans span an average of 5m and it is possible to observe over a dozen species of nudibranchs on one coral mound!

During November and December whale sharks consistently feed in the rich waters around Nosy Be and sharks can be seen feeding in crystal clear waters at Manta Point. During July and August, humpback whales migrate through the Nosy Be area, and sperm whales have been one of the rarer encounters.
With such diversity of life combined with the lack of underwater research means that many other species are waiting to be discovered!
Nosy Tanikely is the best site to discover scuba diving or to get back in the water after several months of urban life, thanks to its average depth of 12m, max. 18m. Visibility is 10 to 30m all year long, though this it can be reduced by plankton tides - the upside of course is that this attracts the bigger fish! Temperature of the water ranges from 25C to 30C.

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